A natural looking face after your facelift is the objective of Dr. Kristina Zakhary MD. FRCSc.


I was looking for a plastic surgeon in Calgary to do a facelift for a long time and I wanted somebody who is specializing only on face. It was a period when I was even ready to go Seattle and go through all the inconveniences of travelling after surgery. But Dr. Kristina Zachary opened her practice a few years ago and I was lucky to have the facelift done here in Calgary. It was much easier than I expected: no pain at all after the surgery. And I am very happy with the result. She is a very knowledgeable and outstandingly honest: if you do not need an expensive treatment she openly tells you about it. I would recommend her to anyone, and my friends are no longer critical about the facelift procedure when they saw the results. Thank you, Dr. Zakhary!

Dr. Zakhary is the best there is-period. She is a true professional and a talented skillful artist. She has the ability to make subtle and positive changes that are natural and lovely. Myself-I have never looked better. I have had to learn to be disciplined in using products daily but the improvement is very noticeable. Dr. Zakhary will steer you to the simplest way possible to make the very most of your features. She is kind and very considerate of her patients. I would not recommend wasting time and resources anywhere else-I'm so happy I found her!

For the past five years I am a happy returning patient of Dr. Zakhary. She has successfully and professionally performed various procedures and surgeries on me. I must admit that her surgical skills, knowledge and particularly her caring follow ups after each procedure are what made me pleased and confident to go back again for more. I had my earlobe repaired, and a minifacelift, as well as botox and fillers with Dr. Zakhary, all of which were done to my full liking and complete satisfaction. I am therefore going to continue with her and I am happy to refer her to all my friends to visit her clinic. I would most certainly encourage everyone to see her to have the same wonderful experience I had with his surgeon.

I'm so pleased with Dr. Zakhary, and her staff, I had a facelift 6 mo. ago, and am more than pleased with the results. I'm adding my thanks here, because, too often, we only hear the negative.
Great Dr. and wonderful staff.

Had a consult with Dr.Zakhary today. She is FANTASTIC and completely blew away my negative idea of plastic surgeons. She respectfully handled all my questions and concerns in an open and
friendly way. The whole idea of surgery if very scary to me,but after meeting with her I have a strong sense that I could put myself in her hands and everything would be ok.

Amazing Dr and staff! The best in their class if you ask me. Made the scariest experience in my life no big deal and put me at ease. And her nurse offered me comfort and really brightened up my
day, what a kind heart. No regrets with choosing Dr. Zakhary and have recommended her to everyone who asks what my secret is to looking so young.