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Dr. KRISTINA ZAKHARY MD, MSc, FRCSC: Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgeon with a special focus in Facial Cosmetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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A natural looking face after your facelift is the objective of Dr. Kristina Zakhary MD. FRCSc.

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  • A Facelift Surgery will balance your facial harmony by:
  • Repositioning sagging cheeks to a more youthful position
  • Softening the smile creases and marrionnette folds between your nose and mouth, and between your mouth and chin.
  • Tightening the loose sagging jawling tissue (Jowls)
  • Removing excess fat under your chin (neck liposuction)
  • Tightening loose and “turkey” neck muscles to give you a nicer neck line

A well done facelift surgery will improve the contours of your face and neck, and make your face and neck look more pleasing, younger and Natural.

Your procedure should be Safe and the Result of your procedure should look Natural.

Your Facial Plastic Surgeon will help you to look Younger, Fresher and Natural Looking.

The best way to assess your surgeon’s skills and results is to see Before and After pictures of your cosmetic surgeons’s result. You can do this by consulting with your facial plastic surgeon when considering Facelift surgery. Call 405-450-3759 to arrange a consultation for Facelift in Calgary.

Your result will be so Natural Looking that people will compliment you for looking “well rested” and better, but they will not be able to tell that you had any surgery.


A carefully and expertly performed face lift surgery, will reposition and tighten your face muscles and skin in a natural way, and should not give you a look that is stretched or pulled.

Your facial plastic surgeon will use a special technique called the “Optimal Mobility Facelift” which is a less invasive facelift surgery, and has given a very Natural looking result.

The “Optimum Mobility” Face lift is a surgery technique that was created by Dr. Fanous, who is Dr. Zakhary’s mentor and teacher.

Dr. Zakhary is at the forefront of using this “mini dissection” surgical technique of facelift surgery in Calgary, Alberta, to obtain a Long Lasting, Natural looking result, while reducing the amount of bruising, swelling and risks, compared to traditional facelift surgery techniques.

Your hair will Never be shaved.

The incisions are expertly placed and hidden in the hairline, in between the ear and cheek, and in behind the ears. The muscles of the face are tightened with stitches, which disappear after approximately 6 weeks, and the extra loose skin is repositioned and removed. This combination of tightening the facial muscles and skin, make the result of your surgery much longer lasting, compared to tightening only the skin. Most of your stitches dissolve naturally. Sometimes, the extra fat underneath your chin is removed by liposuction, in order to reduce the appearance of a Double chin.

Dr. Zakhary may recommend additional procedures, such as injection of filler into your lips, chin implants, or Botox injections, so that you can have a more ideal and harmonious final result.

Facelift surgery usually is takes around 5 hours to perform since it is very intricate and delicate surgery. This cosmetic plastic surgery is performed in a fully certified surgical operating room in Calgary, Alberta.

It is an out patient procedure, which means that you will be able to return home on the same day after your surgery, to recover comfortably and safely at home.

In Calgary, Dr. Zakhary often performs facial plastic surgery on patients from all around Alberta, Saskatewan, british Columbia and all over Canada. If you are from out of town, you should be prepared to stay in Calgary for the first 3 days after your facelift surgery for observation, as a safety precaution. We will be happy to recommend a bed and breakfast that is close to our Calgary office and surgical center for your convenience.

In every case, after your facelift surgery, you will be given your facial plastic surgeon’s home and mobile telephone numbers. Dr. Zakhary will be easily accessible to you to answer any of your medical questions or concerns, and follow up with you personally, during your recovery period following your facial cosmetic plastic surgery.

The few stitches in front of your ears will be removed one week after your facelift surgery. All the rest of the sutures are Dissolvable and will disappear naturally by themselves!


The incisions for facelift are well hidden in your hairline, in the natural fold between your ear and cheek, in behind your ears, and sometimes a tiny incision is placed under your chin for fat liposuction of a double chin. Expertly placed incisions most often heal well and over time will be hidden and invisible.

Before after pictures

Face lift "Neck and Jowl lift" or Facial Rejuvenation Surgery!

Before-After Picture of Facelift
Before-After Picture of Facelift
Before-After Picture of Facelift
Before-After Picture of Facelift
Before-After Picture of Facelift
Before-After Picture of Facelift
Before-After Picture of Facelift
Before-After Picture of Facelift
Source: the practice of Dr. K. Zakhary. These photos are published for reference only to provide information on the nature of the intervention. They do not constitute a guarantee of results.

Dr. Zakhary's area of speciality is limited to the Face. Her surgical practice is focused 100% on Facial Cosmetic Surgery.


Consumer Choice Awards 2017 to 2020

Dr. Kristina Zakhary has 15 years of practice, 2000+ succesful facial surgeries

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